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brassai expo, 1963

today i looked at a catalogue from the 1963 brassai exhibit from the bibliotheque nationale. it's funny to think that this was at the *old* library, where i have never felt comfortable working. well, the "catalogue" is far removed from what we think of as far as ex. cats. go. First of all, it is typewritten (sort of badly...there are errors) and I guess mimeographed or something, but I don't know about printingsecond, there are drips of ink and best of all...NO PICTURES! Except for a really bad one kind of glued on the front cover.

Technology wasn't standing in the way in guess would be money.

Four interesting things from the catalogue:

1 One section of the ex. was called Plaisirs and had the following intro, in part:

Brassai a voulu ici faire une étude de moeurs nocturnes...
Voluptés de Paris was supposed to be published with a text by Mac-Orlan, but the publisher hijacked the pictures in order to put out what this introducer calls "un ouvrage à tendence licencieuse" (9). Also, Polllack (Jackson??) said that VDP was Brassai's best book but Brassai didn't agree...

2 the couple at the monocle (i am guessing this is what it was) appears as "Couple de Femmes, 1932," with no accompanying information. # 24 in the catalogue, page 9.

3 there was one photo from magic city, no. 30, described as follows:

Le bal de Magic City, 1932.
Grand bal d'homosexuels autorisé. De nombreux hommes étaient habillés par de grands courturiers, et "parfois d'une beauté incroyable". (B.). Brassaï y prit une vingtaine de photos, avant de s'en voir interdire l'accès. (10)

4 a photograph of colette taken in 1954 with her hair in her face, apparently, was included in the exhibit, no. 91. According to this text, the two met in 1932 when Brassai was approached by her about the possibility of illustrating "un livre sur les invertis qu'elle préparait," which i assume to be Ces plasirs.

(He didn't, by the way...)
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